Embodied voice. Effective speech.

Voice, Speech and Dialect Coach

I am an artist, creator, collaborator, speaker, communicator, coach, teacher, actor, professor, writer, producer and lover of puppies. I got into voice work for the same reason everyone lands here – something was missing. I lost my voice often. I wanted a more flexiblity and strength. More resonance. Ultimately I felt disconnected. 

In our voices we carry our histories; everything we have learned, every word we have spoken, every story we were told. In this way all voices are constructed, often unconsciously. There is no secret “true” or “authentic” voice lying below the surface. There is an opportunity to connect with depth and presence to construct new avenues of vocalization mindfully and with intention.

Voice/speechwork is at the intersection of thought and expression. It’s how we get our needs met. Do you want to be a better communicator? Give more generous and connected performances? Land the pitch? Feel confident speaking with and presenting to  your peers?

Your voice can support your desires the way your skeleton supports your body. Learn to allow the breath to drop, let your voice expand, let your speech carry you. This work will not only make you a better communicator and performer but it will do so by helping you feel grounded, connected and empowered.


I hold an MFA in acting from FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training and a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University

Assistant Professor at Boston Conservatory teaching voice, speech and acting.

I am trained in Roy Hart, Rodenburg, Fitzmaurice, and Linklater Voicework and will one day be certified to teach Roy Hart although the amorphous process sometimes takes upwards of 10 years (pandemic not withstanding) because it is about attaining mastery and thus indirectly about attaining a certificate.

I use Knight Thompson Speechwork due to its creative, progressive and versatile nature although I also have a background in the more prescriptive Skinner approach.

For ten years I did consulting on navigating interpersonal relationships and consent based communication in the workplace and in personal relationships. Now I use this work for Intimacy Choreography. I have completed all possible study with Intimacy Choreography with Theatrical Intimacy Education

I have worked in the US, Mexico and France as a performer and storyteller. I am a playwright, sometime article writer and social justice activist.

My EDI training comes from Justice Movement, Nicole Brewer, Theatrical Intimacy Education and my own lived experience as a neuro-divergent, queer, genderqueer cis-woman.