Resonance and communion

This is a fundamentals workshop. What if we remove the preconceptions of what our voices are meant to be and we explore sound in the body, sound in motions, sound in space without expectations? Utilizing techniques of Roy Hart voicework we explore without expectation, first independently and then as a group. With this unburdened curiosity we discover unexpected ways of using our voices. This kind of work can unlock previously inconceivable depths, heights and expanses of sound within us, making us more sensitive to both internal and external impulse and response.

Holding Boundaries, Expanding Borders

So often in this work artists have been told the only way to create, to make profound work, to succeed is to transgress their own boundaries again and again. But we know that a blank page is a daunting space in which to create. It is the limitations we set, the boundaries we hold, the rules we create for ourselves that give us structure from which to create. This workshop helps us define, moment to moment the line between brave and safe. Our boundaries set us free to push the limits of our own expression. With a strong sense of respect for self and for the group we can collaborate in trust.

Each Voice, Every Voice

This workshop includes exploration of what a single voice means when you add it to a larger network. We explore sound through group work, thought through writing and ultimately create a collaborative piece that incorporates our written and spoken words. When we lend our voices to express other people’s written thoughts about the meaning of their voices, we build community, strengthening both the individual and the group experience that every voice matters.

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