Speech Coaching for Professionals

Speech coaching is a fun tool to help you embody the confidence and clarity you need to elevate your life professionally and personally. It’s about exploration and growth without judgement.

Inspire people

Whether you are working in the arts, the corporate world, or somewhere else, enjoying what you do, and sharing that joy with others is the key to success. People flock to leaders who are able to connect in a meaningful way. They follow, support and buy things from people who inspire confidence. Speech Coaching is about finding the truthful pleasure in what you do and harnessing that power to share with others in joyful connection.

Perfect the Pitch

Asking people to invest in your project requires that you be able to convince them to invest in you. Pitching goes beyond communicating facts and data. You need to communicate clearly and with an appropriate amount of enthusiasm why someone should care about what you have to offer. You need to inspire supporters with your passion to help them understand that your project is the best possible option and you are the best person to get the job done. This is where speech coaching can help. From designing the pitch to crafting the presentation we’ll create a seamlessly enticing presentation.

Speak in Public

Americans list public speaking as their greatest fear, above loneliness and death. But learning to have ease and joy when standing in front of people and speaking is a totally achievable goal. It doesn’t have to be about conquering fear or clenching through it. There are real, actionable skills that through practice and resilience building can help you enjoy speaking in front of people. Whether you are addressing the board or giving a toast, we begin where you are and I will help you find calm, confidence and success.

Form Argument

How does anyone speak convincingly off the top of their heads? How can you think clearly on the spot so that your extemporé speech reflects the brilliance within? How can you bring the team onto your side, convince the jury, or sway the board? I will teach you skills to accomplish these goals and through feedback and practice you can become a leader and a strong team player.

Nail the Interview

You wouldn’t play a sport without a warm-up. You should treat an interview the same way. You may be the best person for the job! You may have all the skills and know-how. Or you may not have any of that going for you. An interview can mean the difference between taking a risk on a newbie or hiring the person with the most impressive resume. Getting the gig is about knowing the right answers to interview questions and how to frame yourself as a winner. It’s about convincing the person/people hiring that you will be a great co-worker. In usually just a few sessions I will help get you primed to score the job, negotiate the best salary, and start out on the right foot with your superiors and co-workers.

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