Gender Affirming Voice Coaching

Non-LGBTQ+ folks also sometimes feel that their voices don’t accurately represent the truth of who they are or would like to be. I provide a judgement free playground. I’m here to help you find the means of vocal and non-verbal communication that help you feel good and live your best truth.

Trans, NB, and GNC voice coaching

Whatever your gender, your voice is a necessary means of expression. LGBTQ+ people deserve culturally competent voice work to find a voice that is full and nuanced. This is a space that welcomes all the complexity of your identity.

Change takes time but it is very achievable. We begin by exploring the possibilities of your voice and imagining where you would like to go. Being misgendered by your voice can be dysphoric and sometimes dangerous, but by setting reasonable benchmarks overtime you can live comfortably in the sound you’re seeking. I can help you shift the pitch and placement of your voice. You can find greater ease and connection to your breath and resonance.


Feeling like your voice doesn’t quite reflect your gender is a more common and pervasive issue than you might think. Think how many times you have heard people say they hate to hear their voice on a recording. They say it’s too squeaky, not melodic enough, pressed or not deep enough. The truth is all voices have a range of sounds that are safe, healthy and possible. If you want your voice to be a more accurate tool with which to express yourself, then let’s get to work!

Jillian helped me be more comfortable with my voice as a trans woman. She helped me to understand that I can make choices about how I sound using breath, inflection and resonance to be more comfortable giving out the type of voice I want .

Monica Jones

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