Equity Diversity Inclusion

Cultural Competency in LGBTQI+

This training is intended to help your team have greater competency with regard to the LGBTQI+ community. This includes navigating issues related to sexual orientation, gender, intersectionality and community in the larger context of a professional community or team.

Pronouns – everything you need to know. A cultural Competency Workshop.

They/them, zi/zir, she/her, he/him, it and more. The multitude of pronouns is ever evolving. This workshop covers some of the more common questions including, “How do I use that? ” “Why are there all these new pronouns?” “Isn’t that plural?” and, “How do I know what pronouns to use?”

Finding your voice, contributing to change

This workshop is about discovering the voice as a tool for expression in the personal, community and global platforms. By connecting the throughline we can carry and support the whole self on the journey preventing burnout and working toward equity and justice.

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