Coaching for Actors

Voice and speech work should be fun! Connected bAt the end of the day whether you are working in the arts, the corporate world, or something else, enjoying what you do, and sharing that joy with others is the key to success. Speech Coaching is about finding the pleasure in what you do and then harnessing that pleasure to share with others in joyful connection. Speech Coaching is about enhancing your ability to connect

An honest, connected voice is the force that will carry your truth into story.

Voice and Speech Coaching

Impulse begins with breath. Rather than making decisions about a character, breath and voice work will allow a character to make impulsive choices through you. We build a practice of free breath, released physicality and open resonance. Just like exercise supports the body these fundamental voice skill support the health, creativity and longevity of your artistry.

Acting/Audition Coaching

Rehearsal is key. Through connecting the breath and thought we exploreyour character, script and the style of your audition. We will explore based on where and how that information lives in your body. This physical approach gives you a foundation of truth that will allow you to stay flexible, take direction and think on your feet in the room.

Dialect Coaching

Whether you need a few quick tips to lock into a dialect for an audition, or you have time to explore the details and specifics a particular accent I will help you key in. Sometimes the work is in refining a specific dialect. Other times it is in building the skills to breakdown any dialect. Let’s build the repertoire that will serve your artistry.

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