Business/ Corporate

For small business owners and corporations voice and speech coaching can benefit your public-facing staff members whose presentation skills represent your organization and/or bring in sales.

Individual Coaching


It’s not just what you say, but also how you say it. You need you team to clearly, concisely and confidently lay out that you are the best company for the job.


If there is a member of your team who is stellar at parts of their job but sometimes misses the mark in interpersonal communication, or if there is someone with great potential for growth who needs to step up their communication we can support that. These skills don’t have to be irate charisma. There are tangible, actionable steps I can teach to get your employees to the next level.

Business coaching and team building

How well does your team listen to one another? The key to communication across diverse styles is building on listening and empathy. When we create an environment based in mutual respect and listening the need for everyone to communicate in the same way can evolve into the opportunity to take in diverse points of view, enriching everyone’s experience and the company as a whole.

Jillian’s work has helped me connect to my voice and my inner core. This shows up in my business with how I speak to clients and my intention to connect with them and serve them in the best way I possibly can.

— Sara Thompson, Bookkeeper, improviser, astrophysics enthusiast

“Tangible Development was extremely pleased with our partnership with Jillian Courtney.  Jillian was extremely positive and effective in her approach and the outcomes we were able to achieve from her work with TeamTD.”

Sujata Chaudhry, Tangible Development,
Executive Director

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